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The mission of the Africa Design Lab is to equip next generation of Designers to take on the challenges facing the continent.

Our approach

Learn from experienced designers from around the world.

Personalise your learning and develop a unique skill-set suited to you.

Work on real world challenges and learn by doing.

Master the most up to date skills that the market needs.

Collaborate in diverse teams to speed up your development.

Our mindsets

Design thinking

Focus on the needs of people and community.

Ethical design

What should be done, as apposed to what is possible.


Remove waste by mastering an experimental mindset

Systems thinking

Consider impact on entire systems when creating change.

Our focus areas

Digital experience design

Digital experience designers collaborate in cross functional teams to design software using iterative and user centric methods.

Focus on the needs of people and community.

Product design

Product designers create smart objects that merge data and the internet with physical products to improve people’s lives.

What should be done, as apposed to what is possible.

Service design

Service designers create the experience that people have with complicated processes like visiting a hospital, or using public transport.

Iteration and experimentation.

Full stack coding

Full stack developers create the modern internet by being familiar with front-end and back-end portions of an application.

Take entire systems into consideration.

Practise the skills you need to succeed in the knowledge economy

Collaboration for innovation

Innovation happens when new combinations of existing things are created. But to create the conditions for innovation to happen people have to work together.

Storytelling for influence

People are moved by stories and not data. Before anything can happen culture needs to change, and story is the mechanism to inspire people.

Problem solving approaches

Break complex problems down using step-by-step problem solving approaches as used by the world’s leading consulting firms.

Research methodologies

Use quantitative and qualitative research methods to back-up your decisions with objective data.

Personal mastery

To  be effective you need to know your strengths and your weaknesses, and identify the areas where you need to grow. You also need to understand your motivations and purpose.


With the diminishing of formal employment it is important that you know how to turn your ideas into businesses.