Learning Model

What kind of eduction do we need in a transdisciplinary world where learning never ends? The Africa Design Lab envisions a world where there are no curriculums, there are mindsets. There are no subjects, there are focus areas. There are no teachers, there are coaches. Using this model it is easy to change course to keep up with a fast changing world.

Learn by practising on real challenges

The Africa Design Lab partners with corporates, governments, social enterprises, and SMEs. The challenges they are facing is the content of the Lab. In addition the Lab will actively collaborate with other industries and institutions to increase the reach of Design.

How the learning is structured

An academic year will consist of 5 design studies. An individual design study will run for 6 weeks. The six weeks will be divided into 1 week sprints that will be structured similarly to how teams work in the real world.

In a design study teams of 6 to 8 people collaborate to solve a real world challenge. In addition to teamwork there will also be time for individual work, learning, and reflection.

Teams will be self organising and drive their own learning, whilst being guided by a coach who will be an experienced professional.

The design studies will focus on different focus areas and industries. This will help you figure out what kind of designer are you, and where you want to focus, with guidance from your design coach.

Breakdown of a Design Study.

A learning framework for the 21st Century